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I study product design and development at Aarhus University, Denmark, where I spent most of my time coming up with new ideas and concepts, hopefully pushing the boundaries of how we perceive the technology that we surround ourselves with. Take a look around, to see some of the projects that I have been working on!



A goofy redesign of your traditional PIN-code entry systems, with a focus on freeing up your hands

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Conductor Who

A family friendly game with focus on activating the entire body through cooperation between participants

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An interactive tabletop mediating collaboration and knowledge sharing across different grades in schools

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A location based multiplayer mobile game, where players must rely on each other to complete missions

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A design proposal for a portable speaker, aimed at female audience, combining the keyword 'soft' with contemporary trends

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Critical Design

Redesigning an old icon, focused on a critique of our use and consumption of media and the interpersonal communication it affords

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Website design NG

A POC website developed through close collaboration with a local printer business, guiding customers through placing an order

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An augmented mattress for measuring movement of small children during daytime and notifying parents accordingly

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SwipBox Redesign

Redesigning a package pick-up service, toying with the extremes of user experience through sketches and prototypes

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